Example of Conceptual Front Yard Landscape Design
Example of Front Yard Concept DesignExample of Front Yard Landscape PlanExample of Conceptual Front Yard Landscape DesignPlan

Front Yard Design


Everyone wants aesthetic charm as you or guests arrive at your home. You might want to remove outdated foundation plantings or an overgrown hedge but don’t know what to put in their place. Your front entry should suit your house and your personality. Is your style traditional or relaxed, formal or friendly, whimsical and eclectic or sleek and modern?  The DG2 Home design process will help you determine which aesthetic is best for you.


Front Yard Landscape Concept Plan includes:

+  A beautiful and functional design layout that incorporates your desired items into your existing front yard.  (For yards 1 acre or less. Please contact us for prices above an acre.)

+  Design notes that call out the functions of various areas and elements, general materials, and functional and aesthetic recommendations.

+  Plant suggestions such as “small flowering tree,” “evergreen groundcover,” “mixed border,” etc. (that you or a landscape contractor can implement)

+  A personalized image board referencing aspects of your design.




Below you can select additional items to complete your design package.    Next choose “ADD TO CART” and CHECK OUT.  Once payment is completed you will be contact by a designer with 24-36 hours.


Additional Concept

For people who like more options–get two concepts for your property.

+ $400.00

On Site Consultation

During a 1-2 hour consult, you will receive individualized, in-person, on-site recommendations on plant placement, layout, plant varieties for our region, maintenance tips, hardscape ideas and more. You’ll receive a rough, hand-drawn plan with notes

+ $299.00

Site Visit

A site visit is also available with purchase of a design. This is best suited for someone who cannot send in site videos or for someone with a complex site.
Contact us for a fee for areas outside of the approved site visit zone. (See map below):

+ $199.00

3D Rendering

A 3D Computer Rendered View of your DG2 Home Plan, will help you visualize the proposed landscape. Our designers will create a rough 3D model that shows your transformed DG2 Home Plan. (available only with design purchase)
A 3D View Sketch includes

+ $670.00

Plant List

Planting Plan

Additional options total:
Order total:

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