Mulch and rocks are typically the material of choice when covering a planting bed, but have you ever thought about making more of a living bed? There are so many ground covers that can choke out weeds and create a nice mass planting look for your planting beds. Need ideas? Take a look at these ground covers and see what works for your space.


Sagina subulata spreads rapidly to form a tight-matted carpet. This  moss-like shade groundcover reaches only 1 tall and 15+ wide.   The soft, cushiony green mat of Irish Moss is covered with 100's of tiny white flowers in spring.   This fast-growing shade ground cover is perfect for edging pathways, or planting in between stepping stones where it can foot traffic.   Plants grow best in part shade to full shade, and benefit from watering during prolonged dry spells.   Great for planting ...

Try a moss covering for your shade loving lawn and beds. (source)


A dark-leaved Ajuga reptans with golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea')

Ajuga is a creeping ground cover that comes in a few colors. The bold purple and green makes a striking addition to your bed. (source)


dwarf mondo grass around tree

Mondo grass is a compact grass that is shade tolerant with a great mass planting look. (source)


Pikkutalvio muodostaa tuuhean ikivihreän maton kukkapenkin pohjaksi.

Vinca minor is a ground cover that blooms purple flowers. It has a hardy look to it, which makes it seasonable all year round. (source)


Pachysandra forms a dense, low ground cover that is particularly great at suppressing weeds. Great for borders and understory, or shaded areas.

Pachysandra is another shade loving ground cover. It grows on the taller side, so it looks great with edged borders. (source)


Blue fescue is another good choice for grasses used as groundcovers, that are drought tolerant.

Blue Fescue is a native grass that grows short and round. It has a beautiful silver blue color which makes a unique planting. (source)


LOVE this ground cover//Creeping Jenny comes back every year and keeps out the weeds.Great contrast color to plants and flowers.

Creeping Jenny is a low growing groundcover that has a vine appearance. (source)


Colorful Succulents  A composition of various sedums creates the foundation of an eye-catching, multi-seasonal bed.

Sedums make a great groundcover in full sun and dry areas. Who doesn’t love little succulents in your yard? (source)

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