Front Yard Neighborhoods

Today at DG2 Home, we will be focusing on what makes a neighborhood great. Is it the homes? The landscaping? The sense of community or all of the above? With the world being such a social media and technology driven environment, the art of knowing and your neighbors can be lost.  Take a look at some of these articles and work towards a better community for your home.












Next Door App

Does your neighborhood participate in the Next Door App? It is a neighborhood networking site that allows neighbors to post about lost dogs, add their information, create events and even have a trick or treat map. If you love social media and want to ease into knowing your neighbors, this is a great site.


How to build a community neighborhood

This blog has 31 ways to build a better neighborhood. Some of them are as easy as just playing in the front yard. So take a read and see what you can start checking off.


8 Ways to Create a Neighborly Front Yard

It might be hard to encourage everyone to live neighborly, but you can take individual steps for your yard. This article tells you how.

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