Adding Plants to your Bathroom

By: Christina Hughey

Wanting to add more of a spa feeling to your bathroom? An easy way to do this is to add plants to your bathroom! Although this may sound like a big challenge. It is not impossible. By simply choosing the right plants and adding a fluorescent light you should be able to grow some beautiful plants in your own bathroom.

Which plants are best suited for the bathroom? Here are a few:

Aloe- a very useful plant to have around, able to treats wounds and moisturize dry skin. This plant is a succulent and requires minimal care.

Peace Lily- this plant appreciates the humidity in the bathroom. They also require minimal care.

Snake plant- These are easy growing plants. The snake plants prefer bright light but can handle minimal light.

ZZ plant – This plant is a hardy plant and can survive with very low light.

Ideal Plants for the Bathroom



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